Harmonious and Comfortable Living in Delhi Now Close to You in Delhi

With integration of new technologies and rising population, the government is trying its best to improve the living standard and social value of the people in recent times. In national capital Delhi, where, land has been reduced to  decimal level for residential purposes at the same time the city is reeling under enormous population pressure, the government has emerged with a revolutionary project, the Master Plan Delhi 2021.
under the plan government has aimed towards reducing the complexities of the growing population by developing the India’s first Smart City in Delhi NCR. A varying number of formulation exclusively on ICT (Information and Communication Technologies) will be used in all the zones as segregated  under the 2021 Master Plan Delhi.  Also termed as the Dwarka Master Plan for the mega urbanization it present and offer following opportunities to be worked for and towards.

•    Under the first part as of logistics and networking, there different software are installed in order to handle the complex situations of the urban freight transportation. The proper connectivity would be ensured with the help of robust network connectivity of between humans and devices. This connectivity will allow better management and offer wealthy application experiences.

Dwarka Real Estate

•    The next important level of public convenience in the area is the medical and healthcare where the smart city would be developed as a global center for medical services. There the city hence on  will have quality healthcare services, highly skilled doctors and medical professionals and low cost treatments. This way as well, it will better the chances of boosting up the medical tourism spot in India under the MPD 2021 even in Asia for the cost effective healthcare services.

•    Security and surveillance is the next important factor for creating the maser city using revolutionizing technologies for ensuring safety and security to city dwellers.

This way Master Plan Delhi would emerge as a decent living for the living and surviving levels of tomorrow.


A Massive Transformation in Delhi Taking Shape for Tomorrow

Delhi, that is central to all the political activities in India and to an extent for corporate activities is reeling under the immense population pressure and pollution. In order to bring the city to a better order and activities, there, a massive transformation going to happen as urban development department and the DDA has thought of the vision of smart city close to Delhi under the Master Plan Delhi 2021.

As Delhi is one of the largest commercial center in northern India, the Master Plan 2021 will offer a unique solution to the problem of messy situations and conditions existing in Delhi. Delhi Master Plan 2021, hence, has been able to integrate its elegant past as well as its modern developments as an organic whole.

The smart city under development at L Zone close to Delhi can change the Delhi into a global metropolis and into the best capital of the world where all the citizens would be involved into a creative productive work and a high standard of living.

Massive-Transformation-in-Delhi Smart-City

However, the task is not as simple and easy as it appears to be and this successfully can be implemented only after the well coordinated approach amongst several ideas amongst several agencies involved into urban development services.

After facing land constraints and failed attempts in accumulating the required land to activate the plan and previous experiences, the government has come up with the idea of land pooling, eventually, leading to the public private partnership. Now, the private real estate builders are the palanquin bearers of the infrastructural developments of the plan and the Delhi Developmental Authority (DDA) is playing the regulatory role by supervising each and every parameter.

The Master Plan 2021 as on the lines of smart city has integrated a good number of innovation for the development of the Smart City. Incentivized redevelopment with additional FAR has been envisaged as a major element of the city developments covering all the areas.

24×7 Water Supply for Smart City Residences

It is not new for the citizens of India to have just three hours of water supply a day or in some parts, just a few days of water supply in a week. Countries like Africa also avails its citizens with proper water supply but no Indian city has ever been able to provide its citizens with 24*7 water supplies. It is distressing to know that the country’s main economical base, the capital city New Delhi also faces critical water supply situation and fails to provide the most essential component for a human life.

The adverse situation of water supplies in Delhi is said to improve after the inception of the Delhi Master Plan 2021. In the mega urbanization endeavor Dda l zone developers in league  with the government will lead to the formation of India’s first Smart City which will be equipped with class-apart infrastructure and amenities.


1.    SAVES TIME: When water supply is not continuous, people have to waste a lot of their precious time. The urban poor are the hardest hit as they have to travel long distances to collect water, stand in queues for several hours at municipal stand posts and often stay awake during nights. This causes a lot of time wastage which could have been judiciously utilized for productive work.

2.    SAVES MONEY: Constant water supplies give citizens freedom from the burdens of unreliability and offers cost effective solutions. If all connections are metered and citizens pay their water bills on time, then a lot of money can be saved. When there will be intact services with no leakage in pipelines, it will save assets from getting deteriorated and a very strategic water system base will be formed

3.    SAVES FROM CONTAMINATION: Frequent contamination is a major problem in Delhi because of poorly maintained pipelines and water service systems. An augmented water supply capacity will ensure public health protection by not causing the water to get contaminated that is proposed in DDA Master Plan 2021 Dwarka

What DDA is Trying to aim Through MPD 2021?

We are all aware about the forthcoming Delhi Master Plan 2021 which is said to change the entire diagram of the city in all positive means as possible. We also know that after the adoption of land pooling policy in the plan, public private partnership has found its space in the plan and now private builders are going to sketch the supreme infrastructure into a reality. The plan segments into 7 different zones – P1, P2, K1, K2, N, J, L in which L-Zone enjoys distinct benefits due to its unique location and area.

Be it formulation or implementation of the plan, we are bound to mark the roles and functions of the Delhi Developmental Authority.

What is DDA’s role in Delhi?

DDA is a pioneering organization that came into force in the year 1957. Ever since its inception it has mastered all processes of development in the city. DDA is set to meet the challenge of accommodating the needs of the population of the city. Land Pooling Policy foresees the complex needs of the changing times and plans and works for a better future of the city. Be it residential, commercial, industrial, horticulture, institutional or recreational, building at DDA is an unending process.

What role will DDA play in MPD 2021?

In the Master Plan, DDA has defined its role as only a facilitator to speed up integrated planned development. DDA is playing the regulatory role in the plan as the internal development of the plan is now being taken care by the private real estate developers. The large scale development and acquisition of land to accomplish the Smart City Mission is entrusted to the developmental authority. DDA will supervise all levels of planning with provisions of physical infrastructure to bring the qualitative change in Delhi NCR. This degree of urban developmental operation will be a first in the entire country and has bestowed huge responsibilities on DDA as the curator and assessor of the much anticipate MPD 2021.