Smart Cities, Where Power and Responsibility Takes the Center Stage

Emergence of smarter cities is an important development in and through the advancement of cities. The modern cities meeting the need and desires of the rapidly growing urban population require a properly managed city to fulfill all the paramount needs of the urban development.

L Zone in Dwarka, Delhi devised under MPD 2021, is one major effort to be carried out the smart city dream to realize drastically and in an effective manner and way. The proposed city in L Zone, Dwarka is here aligned on the grounds of obtaining much more economic development, power as well as political influence to be exerted upon the masses and industries.

The scheme of central government’s urban development agency for Delhi, DDA, L Zone Dwarka is planned on the lines of globally integrated and is a service based development.

In a vision for the smarter cities, the L Zone Dwarka Smart City is based upon the cities where it is based upon the ideas where cities are going to be enabled with more and greater freedom to be enjoyed and exerted by them.

Delhi-Heights-Smart Cities-Power-Responsibility-Takes-the-Center-Stage

Multi level governance is an important aspect of overall development to be executed in L Zone Smart city at different levels of governance and varying aspects of living and working.

Some important aspects of development in L Zone Dwarka, hence further required are:-

  • Cite services are integral and essential to the operational activities and service delivery as provided by a city authority in coordination with varying agencies delivering varying public funds carrying out the physical planning activities and further more.
  • The second important part that has been tried to be catered in L Zone development is citizen centric systems including the issues like as public safety, health, education and quality of life to be dealt through a smarter and transparent system in implementation.
  • Another important aspect of the L Zone Dwarka is to be kept it around the business systems to be grow and to be fondled around the regulation and policy environment and changing to business rules as planning regulations, openness to foreign trade and investment and labor and product market legislation.
  • Transport and communication is also an inevitable part of a smart city dream. There, it adds to all the aspects of road network, public transport net work provided with intelligent systems for all the aspects of surface transport. In a robust communication system of a city aspects as telecommunication.

This way integration of technology makes smarter city to be a better livable space and place for coming generations.


L-Zone Promises an Adept & Efficient Infrastructure

In this swiftly sprouting world of economical advancements, we tend to neglect one of our foremost responsibilities which are our responsibilities towards our environment. We forget that we humans are obliged to take care of the environment we live in. What we have done instead is that we have over exploited our natural resources for economy’s growth and have forgotten sustainable forms of lifestyles. Environment exploitation is critical in developing countries like India where technologies and scientific practices are not carried out efficiently and also, lack of proper planning heavily effects the infrastructure formation.

L zone
In regard to growing concerns of environment exploitation, the Delhi Government has formulated its much anticipated Delhi Master Plan 2021 wherein it has given utmost preference to conservation practices in Delhi’s l zone Smart City.
Climate change along with population explosion in the national capital brings various challenges but the government is thrilled for L-Zone Delhi projects in which it will counter all developmental barriers and provide citizens a world class sustainable lifestyle.

In Smart City L-Zone Dwarka, the residential properties will be equipped with all the facilities required to lead a comfortable lifestyle but no compromise will be made with environment protection. Residents of the smart City will be able to enjoy leisurely lifestyles around lush green landscapes. Solar panels will be fit in every housing apartment to conserve energy. Power saving technologies will be installed inside smart homes. Water saving appliances will also be fitted. Such kind of environment friendly construction is being done keeping in mind the growing concerns of environment pollution.
L-Zone Dwarka projects are being built on soil and water conservation principles. The DDA supervised housing projects will be built in the most profound manner for climate change mitigation. All these environment safety measures are being taken considering the grueling climatic conditions in the country.

24×7 Water Supply for Smart City Residences

It is not new for the citizens of India to have just three hours of water supply a day or in some parts, just a few days of water supply in a week. Countries like Africa also avails its citizens with proper water supply but no Indian city has ever been able to provide its citizens with 24*7 water supplies. It is distressing to know that the country’s main economical base, the capital city New Delhi also faces critical water supply situation and fails to provide the most essential component for a human life.

The adverse situation of water supplies in Delhi is said to improve after the inception of the Delhi Master Plan 2021. In the mega urbanization endeavor Dda l zone developers in league  with the government will lead to the formation of India’s first Smart City which will be equipped with class-apart infrastructure and amenities.


1.    SAVES TIME: When water supply is not continuous, people have to waste a lot of their precious time. The urban poor are the hardest hit as they have to travel long distances to collect water, stand in queues for several hours at municipal stand posts and often stay awake during nights. This causes a lot of time wastage which could have been judiciously utilized for productive work.

2.    SAVES MONEY: Constant water supplies give citizens freedom from the burdens of unreliability and offers cost effective solutions. If all connections are metered and citizens pay their water bills on time, then a lot of money can be saved. When there will be intact services with no leakage in pipelines, it will save assets from getting deteriorated and a very strategic water system base will be formed

3.    SAVES FROM CONTAMINATION: Frequent contamination is a major problem in Delhi because of poorly maintained pipelines and water service systems. An augmented water supply capacity will ensure public health protection by not causing the water to get contaminated that is proposed in DDA Master Plan 2021 Dwarka

Sensor Enabled Smart Touch Homes in L Zone Dwarka

L zone, Dwarka, Delhi that is emerging as the first major smart city project in India developing at a rapid pace will have the most technology enabled homes to be found anywhere in India. The homes by developers like Delhi Heights are highly ICT (Information Communication Technology) enabled where security to other aspects of daily living like water, electricity are technology enabled.


The role of sensors based technology like IOT (Internet of Things) is also used at these homes making life in Delhi Heights l zone easier and simpler.