A Massive Transformation in Delhi Taking Shape for Tomorrow

Delhi, that is central to all the political activities in India and to an extent for corporate activities is reeling under the immense population pressure and pollution. In order to bring the city to a better order and activities, there, a massive transformation going to happen as urban development department and the DDA has thought of the vision of smart city close to Delhi under the Master Plan Delhi 2021.

As Delhi is one of the largest commercial center in northern India, the Master Plan 2021 will offer a unique solution to the problem of messy situations and conditions existing in Delhi. Delhi Master Plan 2021, hence, has been able to integrate its elegant past as well as its modern developments as an organic whole.

The smart city under development at L Zone close to Delhi can change the Delhi into a global metropolis and into the best capital of the world where all the citizens would be involved into a creative productive work and a high standard of living.

Massive-Transformation-in-Delhi Smart-City

However, the task is not as simple and easy as it appears to be and this successfully can be implemented only after the well coordinated approach amongst several ideas amongst several agencies involved into urban development services.

After facing land constraints and failed attempts in accumulating the required land to activate the plan and previous experiences, the government has come up with the idea of land pooling, eventually, leading to the public private partnership. Now, the private real estate builders are the palanquin bearers of the infrastructural developments of the plan and the Delhi Developmental Authority (DDA) is playing the regulatory role by supervising each and every parameter.

The Master Plan 2021 as on the lines of smart city has integrated a good number of innovation for the development of the Smart City. Incentivized redevelopment with additional FAR has been envisaged as a major element of the city developments covering all the areas.