24×7 Water Supply for Smart City Residences

It is not new for the citizens of India to have just three hours of water supply a day or in some parts, just a few days of water supply in a week. Countries like Africa also avails its citizens with proper water supply but no Indian city has ever been able to provide its citizens with 24*7 water supplies. It is distressing to know that the country’s main economical base, the capital city New Delhi also faces critical water supply situation and fails to provide the most essential component for a human life.

The adverse situation of water supplies in Delhi is said to improve after the inception of the Delhi Master Plan 2021. In the mega urbanization endeavor Dda l zone developers in league  with the government will lead to the formation of India’s first Smart City which will be equipped with class-apart infrastructure and amenities.


1.    SAVES TIME: When water supply is not continuous, people have to waste a lot of their precious time. The urban poor are the hardest hit as they have to travel long distances to collect water, stand in queues for several hours at municipal stand posts and often stay awake during nights. This causes a lot of time wastage which could have been judiciously utilized for productive work.

2.    SAVES MONEY: Constant water supplies give citizens freedom from the burdens of unreliability and offers cost effective solutions. If all connections are metered and citizens pay their water bills on time, then a lot of money can be saved. When there will be intact services with no leakage in pipelines, it will save assets from getting deteriorated and a very strategic water system base will be formed

3.    SAVES FROM CONTAMINATION: Frequent contamination is a major problem in Delhi because of poorly maintained pipelines and water service systems. An augmented water supply capacity will ensure public health protection by not causing the water to get contaminated that is proposed in DDA Master Plan 2021 Dwarka