Smart Cities, Where Power and Responsibility Takes the Center Stage

Emergence of smarter cities is an important development in and through the advancement of cities. The modern cities meeting the need and desires of the rapidly growing urban population require a properly managed city to fulfill all the paramount needs of the urban development.

L Zone in Dwarka, Delhi devised under MPD 2021, is one major effort to be carried out the smart city dream to realize drastically and in an effective manner and way. The proposed city in L Zone, Dwarka is here aligned on the grounds of obtaining much more economic development, power as well as political influence to be exerted upon the masses and industries.

The scheme of central government’s urban development agency for Delhi, DDA, L Zone Dwarka is planned on the lines of globally integrated and is a service based development.

In a vision for the smarter cities, the L Zone Dwarka Smart City is based upon the cities where it is based upon the ideas where cities are going to be enabled with more and greater freedom to be enjoyed and exerted by them.

Delhi-Heights-Smart Cities-Power-Responsibility-Takes-the-Center-Stage

Multi level governance is an important aspect of overall development to be executed in L Zone Smart city at different levels of governance and varying aspects of living and working.

Some important aspects of development in L Zone Dwarka, hence further required are:-

  • Cite services are integral and essential to the operational activities and service delivery as provided by a city authority in coordination with varying agencies delivering varying public funds carrying out the physical planning activities and further more.
  • The second important part that has been tried to be catered in L Zone development is citizen centric systems including the issues like as public safety, health, education and quality of life to be dealt through a smarter and transparent system in implementation.
  • Another important aspect of the L Zone Dwarka is to be kept it around the business systems to be grow and to be fondled around the regulation and policy environment and changing to business rules as planning regulations, openness to foreign trade and investment and labor and product market legislation.
  • Transport and communication is also an inevitable part of a smart city dream. There, it adds to all the aspects of road network, public transport net work provided with intelligent systems for all the aspects of surface transport. In a robust communication system of a city aspects as telecommunication.

This way integration of technology makes smarter city to be a better livable space and place for coming generations.